Monday, 9 November 2015

An Open Letter to Michelle Bridges

Dear Michelle Bridges,

I woke up in the middle of the night and you came into my head. Not in a creepy way, but I wondered if you were awake. If you were feeling that horrible deep anxiety of someone who has just been blasted with vitriol and hate across all platforms of social media. I thought about your wee belly-babe being soaked in cortisol and adrenalin and it made me feel appalled at what we have become.

In honesty, I am not a fan. I disagree with you on a scientific and philosophical level about how you have applied your obvious passion for wanting to help people. I am a high fat, low carb, non-processed food eating kind of person and yes, I even have veggies and edible natives in my garden. But, to see the ugliness that has been thrown at you made me want to say that I am sorry.

The video that was put out by Woolies was so poorly thought out that it looked like an idea put forward by the work experience kid who happened to stumble into the marketing department. Considering they spent $18.8M in the first quarter of this year on advertising, am I right in guessing that this was put forward by their marketing department and not written by you personally?

If so, how nice of Woolworths to throw a pregnant woman under the bus of social media vigilantes!

And if not, and this was your campaign to sell your brand of TV dinners, maybe running the idea past a few more people might have been a good idea. But regardless of that, I pretty sure that every person who has sent you a message of hate has said or typed something stupid in their lives. It just happens that your faux pas is very public. He who is without stupid can post the first trolling comment?

As a former birthworker and a mother of four, I hope Steve and your friends are there to hold the space for you right now as this type of shit feels so much worse when you are pregnant. I hope you are able to debrief your feelings around this and let it go before you come into birth.

As a foodie and a movement enthusiast, I would invite you over for dinner to happily and respectfully debate lifestyle, fat-shaming, health, fitness, hormones, circadian rhythms and all other topics where both our passions lie.

As a person, I just want to say I am sorry and I hope you are OK.

Claire Chapman

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